Liquid Supplement Manufacturing Process

At Natural Supplement Manufacturing, we take care of the entire liquid manufacturing process from research and development to formulation, bottling and delivering the final package. 


First, we work with each of our clients to determine each ingredient’s quality, source, and potency based on the needs of their customers. 

Product R&D

Next, we develop a formula for the new product from the ground up. We can also manufacture and bottle existing liquid formulas that have already been researched and developed. 


We employ specialized blending techniques to ensure all the ingredients are homogenized. Consistency is crucial.


We offer all kinds of tincture sizes from 5 mL to 100 mL. If necessary, we can also do more than 100 mL for custom formulations. We also offer customized bulk formulations, so contact us for more information if that’s what your business needs. 

Inspection and Lot Control

Our quality department on-site follows a strict QMS (Quality Management System), inspecting at regular intervals, reviewing batches, and rejecting the products that fail to measure up to specifications in accordance with cGMP practices. 

All our products are lot-controlled and completely traceable to adhere to our quality control system.

Packaging and Distribution

Our in-house production center will ensure that each product is packaged safely in a cleanroom environment to protect against contamination. There is minimal risk of damage during transportation according to cGMP standards. 

Regulation Standards

Reputable supplement manufacturers adhere to strict regulatory standards, ensuring each drop of liquid supplement is safe for consumption and meets quality benchmark checks. As a cGMP-certified company, Natural Supplement Manufacturing meets and exceeds the highest production standards to ensure a safe and effective end product.

In addition, our cleanrooms are Class 7 and Class 8 ISO-certified, which means air particles are consistently filtered out to prevent cross-contamination. ISO cleanrooms are commonly used in medical facilities. 

Lab Testing 

Our products can undergo third-party lab testing if necessary. Speak to us for more information!